IPC wecomes new and returning members to Executive Committee for 2022

December 20, 2021

The International Poultry Council’s Executive Committee has announced its new composition for 2022 following elections held after the last General Assembly.

Birthe Steenberg (AVEC, European Union) returns as Country Member representative alongside newly elected Gonzalo Moreno (ALA, South America & the Caribbean). Marilia Rangel Campos Martin (MSD) was reelected as Associate Member representative. Yu Lu (CCCFNA, China) and Sergey Lakhtyukhov (PUoR, Russia) were also invited to join the Executive Committee as Appointed Members.

IPC President Robin Horel commented:

“More than ever, our Executive Committee includes representation from companies and member country associations from virtually all parts of the world. I’d like to thanks all candidates who have honored IPC with their interest in being part of its highest governing body.

“I’m delighted to welcome back returning members Birthe Steenberg, Marilia Rangel Campos Martin and Yu Lu. All three of them have already shown their dedication to the global poultry sector and their strategic contributions are and will continue to be invaluable to the work of IPC.

“It is a genuine pleasure to welcome Gonzalo Moreno and Sergey Lakhtyukhov to the Executive Committee. South America and Russia are key regions of the poultry industry and their perspective will help drive the IPC program of work.

“The year ahead will likely bring its fair share of uncertainties, challenges and opportunities as we continue to navigate the impact of the Covid pandemic. With their wealth of experience, expertise and knowledge, our new team will keep advocating for the global poultry industry and supporting our members in their efforts to mitigate disruptions to the poultry supply chain and to keep the workforce safe and healthy.


About the International Poultry Council

Founded on October 7, 2005, the International Poultry Council (IPC) is the global poultry meat producers Association. IPC’s mission is to strengthen communications between countries, to develop and implement policy for international organizations affecting the world’s poultry industry, and to promote a common understanding of and confidence in poultry products in the world. IPC currently has 31 Country Members and 55 Associate Members, representing 88 percent of the global poultry meat production and almost 95 percent of the global poultry meat trade. International Organizations such as OIE, FAO and Codex Alimentarius Commission officially recognize IPC as the global Association representing the poultry meat sector.

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