International Poultry Council celebrates World Poultry Day


Poultry meat is the most consumed meat in the world, and there is growing global recognition towards the dedication and efforts made by everyone working across poultry meat supply chains in providing good quality food on every table.  Right from producing food to high standards from farm to fork to creating good jobs for a diverse set of skills and talents, the global poultry meat sector plays as significant role in driving socioeconomic growth and delivering food security.

International Poultry Council, President, Robin Horel said: “The global poultry meat sector is delighted to celebrate the 9th World Poultry Day today and take pride in providing safe, affordable, and nutritious food to billions of consumers in these challenging times. Our ongoing investment in safe, secure, and resilient supply chains alongside the valuable contribution of the ‘food heroes’ working within our sector has enabled us to keep pace with the growing consumer demand and ensure no one is left behind.”

The ongoing pandemic has highlighted the crucial importance of access to food and reliable supply chains to 7.8 billion global consumers each day. The poultry sector, in cooperation with global and national organizations, is working to address the growing issue of food insecurity for over 690 million individuals, as the future of our planet and of those who live here is becoming increasingly reliant on sustainable food security. The increase in the world population combined with the need to optimize the available resources for affordable food production are some of the key challenges that need an urgent response.

Mr Horel said: “Delivering sustainability, animal welfare, addressing antimicrobial resistance, protecting animal health and wellbeing, and increasing consumer trust are some of the core values embraced by the ​​global poultry meat sector. On World Poultry Day we celebrate our animals and the people who look after them every step of the way. Farmers, nutritionists, technicians, veterinarians, employees, operators, and transporters, who are passionate about leaving no stone unturned in delivering safe, affordable, and nutritious food to people across different cultures and nationalities. We are proud of our people and our poultry.”

About the International Poultry Council

Founded on October 7, 2005 in the city of Cologne, Germany, the International Poultry Council (IPC) is the global poultry meat producers Association. IPC’s mission is to strengthen communications between countries, to develop and implement policy for international organizations affecting the world’s poultry industry, and to promote a common understanding of and confidence in poultry products in the world. IPC currently has 31 Country Members and more than 53 Associate Members, representing 88 percent of the
global poultry meat production and almost 95 percent of the global poultry meat trade. International Organizations such as OIE, FAO and Codex Alimentarius Commission officially recognize IPC as the global Association representing the poultry meat sector.

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Nicolò Cinotti, Secretary General