Delivering Sustainable Food Systems globally

Global livestock sector highlights its role in sustainable food security and in re-ignite efforts to achieve the SDGs.


This week, the United Nations will be hosting the Food Systems Summit Pre Summit in Rome (26-28 July), which aims to “awaken the world” to the need to work collectively in how we produce, consume and think about food. The Summit is also a key part of the Decade of Action towards the Sustainable Development Goals 2030.

The summit is focused on “the constellation of activities” involved in the production, processing, transport and consumption of food, which the UN points out has touched every aspect of human existence.

Being poultry meat a key ally in pursuing global sustainable food security, International Poultry Council has signed on to a statement led by the global livestock sector outlining how events like the United Nations Food Systems Summit can deliver positive, productive proposals that can re-ignite efforts to achieve the SDGs. This statement perfectly matches what is contained in the San Paolo Declaration signed with FAO in August 2019 and highlights once again how a development of food systems cannot ignore the involvement of the livestock sector, and poultry in particular, in light of its fundamental role in providing high quality proteins and the remarkable progress made in the field of sustainability. 

Read the full statement on Medium or click the download button below.

Delivering Sustainable Food Systems Statement

About the International Poultry Council

Founded on October 7, 2005, the International Poultry Council (IPC) is the global poultry meat producers Association. IPC’s mission is to strengthen communications between countries, to develop and implement policy for international organizations affecting the world’s poultry industry, and to promote a common understanding of and confidence in poultry products in the world. IPC currently has 31 Country Members and 55 Associate Members, representing 88 percent of the global poultry meat production and almost 95 percent of the global poultry meat trade. International Organizations such as OIE, FAO and Codex Alimentarius Commission officially recognize IPC as the global Association representing the poultry meat sector.

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